The Aeromic


Save your voice and let Aeromic® do the work. Aeromic® is the superior headworn microphone designed for fitness instruction. The Aeromic® looks good with it’s unique miniature capsule on the end of a straight yellow boom arm protected by a sweat ring. The excellent sound quality makes for greater clarity and understanding than lesser headmics.

We developed the Cyclemic® with a distinctive “J” curve to make the sweat drip off when teaching Cycling classes. In all other aspects it is an orange version of the Aeromic®. The latest versions both feature a strengthened low sensitivity capsule that is more blast proof than before.

We know that some of the latest beltpack transmitters from the major brands below are now manufactured in China for less money. They also have less built-in flexibility to match the high output (dearer and better) electret condenser mics like ours. At the other end of the scale, installers of more expensive distributed sound systems, controlled by a digital processor, have experienced difficulties processing the high output signal of the Aeromics and Cyclemics. So, while our microphones have served the fitness industry well for over 20 years in the analog realm, we had to do something about this situation.

Introducing the LS Series- now with our Carbon Collar on all Aeromics and Cyclemics! Their serial numbers will start with a 4xxxx and they use the new Low Sensitivity capsule protected by our Carbon Collar. The Carbon Collar is acoustically transparent and protects the mesh in front of the capsule from getting clogged or wet from sweat or spit.

If you are buying or supplying a brand new Aeromic/Fitness Audio wireless package then there’s no need to turn the transmitter input gain down – leave it at full on and get the benefit of greater dynamic range handling. These mics are great for loud voice Sergeant Major Types! They have a flatter frequency response that’s less likely to feedback with cheaper beltpacks and speaker systems. They are also easier to manage if using any type of expensive digital mixer or sound processor! Everybody’s happy!

Over twenty years of continuous research and development including extensive testing by leading Australian fitness instructors has resulted in a microphone that is the pinnacle of sweat resistant technology. Thanks to toughened cables and plug connections, the Aeromic AM11LS and Cyclemic CM11LS stand up to all the hard sweaty work you can throw at it. They are compatible with many different brands of wireless transmitters including those from Fitness Audio®, Chaiyo®, Shure®, EV-Telex®, MIPRO®, TOA®, Audio Technica®, AKG®, Sennheiser® and many others.