Our Story

Aeromic Microphones Australia (Aeromic) supply a range of microphones and sound gear developed for use in health club sound systems or portable sound systems for independent fitness instructors. AMA was established by John Penhallow and Peter Paisley in 1994. AMA is the global source of the Aeromic and Cyclemic, market leading fitness microphones that are made in Australia.

The Aeromic and Cyclemic are sweat resistant headworn microphones that can be used in up to 7 classes a day and come with a two year “No Sweat” warranty. They are designed in Sydney by Peter Paisley and manufactured by Peter’s company and AMA in a joint venture. AMA also trades as Fitness Audio Distributors to supply their Australian and global network of Distributors and Dealers.

FAD sells the Fitness Audio® range of electronics including wireless microphone systems to compliment our microphones; the “E for Exercise” E*Mic®, two Aeromix® audio mixers, an SPL limiter, WES, our UHF or FM wireless entertainment systems for TV sound on cardio machines, a Personal Trainer’s PA Pack as well as other accessories including batteries and our line of the ever popular neoprene Aeromic PouchBelts.

AMA provides the key audio products that Instructors need to make a great Group Fitness Class experience for every body, every day. The office is located at Unit 17, 110 Bourke Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015 Australia. Opening hours by appointment are Monday to Friday from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Call (02) 8399 -1052 first then come over – John and/or Andrew will be happy to help you with any enquiries and/or direct you to one of our supporting commercial audio specialist dealers.